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[KPMG] Mitigating the risks of using Generative AI for Businesses in Vietnam

In the ever-evolving corporate landscape, the mastery of AI, especially the game changing Generative AI (“Gen AI”), has become a non-negotiable skill for both professionals and businesses. Unlocking its potential can supercharge efficiency and productivity by automating the drudgery of repetitive tasks, liberating valuable time for high-value activities. This not only propels operational excellence but also indirectly heightens competitiveness.

“AI” is defined by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as a machine-based system that can influence the environment by producing an output (predictions, recommendations, or decisions) for a given set of objectives. GenAI models (ex. Chat GPT, Bard) are the most commonly used AI.  Easy-to-use features, free access and wide usage range contributed to the rapid adoption and spread of this technology. GenAI provides solutions and creates responses, pursuant to the prompts received as instructions and according to the data it is trained with.

While there are no specific regulations on AI currently, there’s a proactive stance from the government. In Decision 749/QD-TTg dated 3 June 2020 and Decision 127/QD-TTg dated 26 January 2021, addressing national digital transformation and AI strategy, there’s a clear acknowledgement of the need for AI-specific legal frameworks. The anticipation is that Vietnam will chart its AI regulatory course, likely drawing inspiration from established approaches in other countries. Meanwhile, the general laws will apply to AI use and development in Vietnam with grey areas already promising challenges.

Despite AI’s potential benefits, its use does not come without risks. This article discusses an overview of the three main risks that GenAI-users in Vietnam may encounter and possible legal mitigating actions that businesses and professionals should implement to minimize the risks and leverage the power of this new technology while safeguarding their interests.

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