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[VBF_ESG Report] Pathway towards a sustainable economic recovery

The Vietnam Business Forum (VBF) is a structured and ongoing policy dialogue between the Vietnamese Government and the business community for a favorable business environment that attracts private sector investment and stimulates sustainable economic growth in Vietnam.

This study, conducted in two phases (October 2023 and February 2024), compiles the perspectives of foreign companies operating in Vietnam. The study gathers a total of 655 responses from foreign business leaders, offering valuable insights into the current state and evolution of the Vietnamese business environment, including the status of ESG development and its alignment with the prevailing Vietnamese business context.

The VBF hereby extends its sincere gratitude to its 14 affiliated business associations/chambers of commerce for their commitment and diligence in conducting the significant survey. The invaluable support provided by these entities in engaging with prominent business leaders has been indispensable, facilitating prompt and proficient responses.

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