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Law on Investment No. 67/2014/QH13 (effect from July 01, 2015) Link

Law on bidding No. 43/2013/QH13 (effect from July 1st, 2014) Link

Law on enterprise No. 68/2014/QH13 (effect from July 1, 2015) Link

Law on Corporate Income Tax (CIT) No. 14/2008/QH12 (effect from 01 January 2010) Link

New stipulations on Tax of Import – Export No. 87/2010/NĐ-CP (effect from February 22nd, 2019) Link

Decree regulates science, technology deals No. 80/2010/NĐ-CP. (effect from July 14th, 2010) Link

Preferential policies are applicable to projects invested in agriculture and rural development sector No. No. 57/2018/ND-CP  (effect from April 17th, 2018) Link

New fine levels imposed on violations against regulations on investment, business registration No. 50_01062016CP (effect from June 01st, 2016) Link

The new provisions on enterprise registration applicable from Nov 1, 2015, No. 78_14092015CP. (effect from September 14, 2015) Link

The new provisions on the bidding of oil and gas project ND95_16102015CP (effect from October 16th, 2015) Link

New provisions on supervision and assessment of investment project No. ND84_30092015CP (effect from September 30th, 2015) Link

New regulations on investment in the form of PPP No. ND63_04052018CP (effect from May 4th, 2018) Link

New regulations on requirements applied to gas trading No. ND87_15062018CP (effect from June 15th, 2018) Link

Regulations on licensing for operation of karaoke and discos No. ND103_06112009CP (effect from November 06th, 2009) Link

New regulations on transport business No. ND10_17012020CP (effect from January 17th, 2020) Link

Foreign investors allowed to buy Vietnam’s limited companies No. TT131_06092010BTC (effect from May 6th, 2020) Link

Online bidding piloted No. TT17_22072010BKH (effect from July 22, 2010) Link

The guidance on business registration from 2016 No. TT20_01122015BKHDT (effect from December 01st, 2015) Link

The re-registration of foreign-invested enterprises must be made before February 1, 2014, No. ND194_21112013CP (effect from November 21, 2013) Link

The new application forms for investment registration No. TT16_18112015BKHDT (effect from November 18th, 2015) Link

The new provisions on investment conditions and incentives No. ND118_12112015CP (effect from November 12th, 2015) Link

New regulations provided for industrial parks and economic zones No. ND82_22052018CP (effect from May 22nd, 2018) Link

New regulations regarding construction contract No. ND37_22042015CP (effect from April 22, 2015) Link

Law on Enterprise income tax (revised for 2014) No. LL32_19062013QH13 (effect from April 16th, 2020) Link

Enterprise Law 2015 (effect from November 26, 2014) Link